Monday, January 30, 2012

Macaron' accomplishment I feel!

So i've always wondered how these tasted because they are SO cute!!

I watched tutorials over and over again on youtube just so I could get it right.  I made my own almond flour and it was a success..well all of it was thankfully. 

In these macarons..

2 egg whites
1 cup of powdered sugar
3/4 cup of almond flour
raspberry flavoring
1 dot of red food coloring (even though it didn't show up well after baking)

-whip egg whites still they have stiff peaks, fold in sifted almond flour and sugar, add in flavoring and food coloring..pipe and let these sit for 30 min or til they've got a skin.

It's all in the prepping and technique.  If you can get yourself organized first it helps mostly, esp when it comes to baking.  It is also so important to not overfold the egg whites or else you won't get a "foot".  I also baked these at 300 degrees because I could tell these would burn at 375. 

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