Thursday, January 5, 2012

So I've Started Eating Breakfast ...

The title is no joke.  I am horrible at not wanting to eat anything until 2pm or later, but I am forcing myself to wake up earlier to eat breakfast and go to bed earlier.  The later I stay up, the more I just want to snack and rummage through the fridge. 

What's in that omelet?  YUMMY THINGS.  haha

I bought some frozen potato skillet mix so I easily brown that in the pan, then toss in some chopped up sausages (light), eggs, then mozarella cheese in the fold.  It comes out so good, because I love potatoes and have a hard time eating eggs alone.  Hubba likes it too. 

I've also been trying to eat more oranges, the citrus aids in digestion of foods.  I have been feeling better since I've started doing this because it helps regulate my blood sugar..therefore no crabby irritable mom. 


  1. i should start that again... but i like to sleep in till 6am. n work at 7am.... n that omelet looks good!!

  2. lol i wake up average araound 10am :/ little man wakes up with me around that time too