Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Better Me - Getting Regular (bathroom wise :P)

Being the clean freak I am and always washing my hands consistently, I know that it's not that easy to get so much bacteria into my body..even the good kind.  As a matter of fact I just read an article talking about how antibiotics makes people fat.  I can believe it truly.  Without good bacteria in the body, we get sick faster and our digestive systems don't work as well because there's not much to help digest the food we eat. 

I researched a few things about probiotics and have tried a few of them.  Key things to look out for our the ones that need to be refrigerated, and acidophilus.  I tried a cheap I mean really cheap acidophilus tablet and I broke out into rashes, then I tried Philips Colon Digestive Health probiotics and those honestly really didn't do much for me. 

With these chewable wafters from American Health, I know that it'll be an instant thing and it tastes good.  I take about 2-3 of these a day before/after meals.  I usually take them before meals especially in the mornings to get things going.  I am really starting to notice that I am going more frequently now verses 3 times a week and having a really hard time. 

Another thing that really helps is that I watch my carb intake because I know that backs me up.  I know a lot of women deal with IBS and probiotics are good for you.

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