Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feeling a bit Offended..

just a little rant.  there's a small chance my husband would ever read this blog, but even if he did i don't care. 

we were talking about his online class that he's been taking and he has to write a lot of essays, and i jokingly asked him if he wants me to write a paper for him and he pretty much responds something like NO because i write a lot better than you.  yes i don't capitolize my letters and take time to correct my punctuations on blogger or mostly anywhere else, i haven't been in school for years and the only time i take my time with writing is if i'm taking it seriously. 

seriously though, who does he think i am?  a dumb nut?  ugh, it's not easy having a child period.  i'm the kind of person who likes to concentrate on one important thing at a time and right now it's keenan.

a few things i think about from time to time are the chances i was given to do things with my life.  i know i have let a number of teachers down with my poor decisions i've made, and to think of how they saw great potential in me. 

so why am i offended really?  there are times when i feel like my husband is more in love with the idea of me verses really getting to know me for me.  :/  i said feel, not i know. 


  1. a blog is a blog. there really is not right or wrong way of how you do your blog. YoU CaN WriTe LiKe ThiS and still be the smartest. a blog is like a journal where in some situations, you write creatively... no rules. that's just it.

  2. i don't capitalize when i blog and write stuff online either. hopefully you don't think too much of what happened.