Friday, December 16, 2011

Trying to get a part of me back.

sigh*  i love being a mommy and wife, i really do.  but i know i've lost a lot of my interests and who i used to be, now that keenan is getting a bit older and more independent, i feel like i can finally "improve" myself.  i have gained some weight back (sucks i know) but i am determined to live a healthier life. 

the hubs and i have barely dined in at any restaurant since we've been back and i am so proud, not to mention how much money we are saving.  we are planning to go to florida in april so i am definitely working on losing the weight, but not only that but because i am sick of having this extra weight on me. 

i'm taking a birth control that is working well for me and it's controlling my acne.  i hardly ever break out and i am ever so joyful for it.  i can finally work on getting rid of the scars and wearing less foundation.  honestly though, i'll always wear some form of powder/foundation on my skin because i hate being shiny.  it does feel good to not have to look into full coverage foundations anymore, i know i prefer that coverage but it feels good to not have to worry about another pimple popping up. 

hubs has been running twice a week or more and it's motivating me to workout.  my hair is growing and keenan is learning so fast.  not to mention not having to be scared of being pregnant all the time. 

i am determined to just make a better future for us even if it means being a slave to the kitchen half the day to prepare meals so we dont have to eat out.  i'm all about preparation when it comes to cooking so it takes a lot of time. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I used to feel guilty for taking time to read, to spend time with my friends, or to spend money on myself (when I know we have financial goals)- but don't lose yourself. Your family is happiest, when you are happy and at your best. ;)